Pin Drop Legal Bits

Please read before using our service
TL;DR Important points from our legal bits

We hate wordy legal blurb as much as the next person, so we’ve tried to summarise the most important bits for you here. You can still read them in all their glory as longer reads. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • Free

    Pin Drop is free to use. You can unlock more features and functionality if you want with a subscription (see below).

  • Accounts

    You don’t need to register to use the Pin Drop mobile app. If you want to backup your data or make use of social features you'll need to create a free account.

  • Subscriptions

    Our subscription plans are totally optional. You can cancel subscriptions at any time and continue to use the free version of Pin Drop at no cost. Subscriptions give added features and functionality to super-charge how you use Pin Drop. You can compare features for each plan in the Pin Drop app.

  • Location

    We request you to share your location on the app to help you navigate, search for places and order your content by distance.

  • Data

    We don’t use, sell or share your data with anyone. Your data is yours and always will be.

  • Advertising

    Pin Drop is completely ad-free.